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Covid-19 Precautions

January 25, 2021

I am Fully Vaccinated as of April 23, 2021

Since I re-opened in June, my clients and myself have successfully stayed safe as a result of implementing these protocols below.

I have always had strict sterilization practices per the recommendations of the CDC and the Calif State Board of Cosmetology, my instruments are washed with soap and water, disinfected with Barbicide and then placed in a UV sterilizer, fresh sheets, facial area and changing area are always sanitized after each client.

I wear a 4 layer, filtered mask at all times, I ask that you wear your mask until you get to the facial area (If you are fully vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask).  There is hand sanitizer in the changing area.  I am working on a limited schedule to have a minimum of 1 hour between clients to sanitize and air out after each client.

I will email you a Covid-19 Release to review and sign when you come in. 

COVID-19 Form

Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have.  Looking forward to seeing you!



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