Skin Care by Marlene

Rejuvenating Facials and Peels


Have that beautiful skin you have always wanted. This incredible body peel treatment will truly change the look and feel of your back, arms and shoulders, chest, hands and legs.

Formulated with potent yet skin friendly ingredients that will even discoloration, help with acne and acne scarring.  This treatment duo provides nourishing ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin's surface, while TCA, resorcinol, lactic and salicylic acids join together to affect dramatic changes in the skin's appearance and texture.  (EXPECT to peel 3-5 days later for up to 4 days) 

30 minutes:  $125 (Full Back; add $10 for arms) - Series of (3): $305
25 minutes:  $80 (Half Back; add $10 for arms) -  Series of (3):  $200
20 minutes:  $70 (Arms/Shoulders)
15 minutes:  $70 (Neck/Chest) 

6 PCA Body Peels
6 PCA Body Peels
4 PCA Body Peels

10 PCA Body Peels